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 “It was a wonderful experience being coached by you. I have learned a lot from the coaching sessions as I found that I am able to view things in many different perspectives. I also found that I listen more and hence, my working relationship with my team members and colleagues has improved tremendously. In addition, I find that the situational leadership is very practical and can be easily applied.” Regional Financial Controller, Semiconductor

“John really put the time and effort to build trust and I find that most compelling. He went the extra miles to listen attentively and objectively, without being judgmental. And his ability to engage, to dialogue while putting every potential scenarios that you could ever imagine had assisted me in, slowly but surely, get into terms on what's most important to me and what I really wanted in life.”  Director of Sales, Top Global IT Firm

"Coaching brought out the best of my relationship competencies by highlighting the need to practice my listening skills. I now have a better more open relationship with the Agency Association which results in a more rewarding experience for both parties."   VP & Senior Director of Agency, Financial Sector

“It has been a turning point for my business and my relationships with everyone around me.  My profit has more than tripled (and still growing) and I have been able to gain, give trust and support in my relationships with business partners, employees, family and friends.  It is much better than putting my money in stock market, the rewards come in all forms!”  Executive Director, Trading Business

“Everyone is talking about the changes she made and it is truly amazing.”  Managing Director, Global FMCG Company

“Resolving my problem seemed like an impossible tasks. Coaching gave me a different view on what I did and what I needed to change. Once I embraced that, everything fell into place and making changes stopped being as difficult as I thought it might have been.” General Manager, American Multinational

“I went into coaching because I was frustrated that nobody seems to understand what I had already achieved and what I was trying to achieve. Coaching showed me that I had to make a change if I was going to improve my relationship within my organisation and therefore be heard. Once I could see the other side of the coin, it was like switching on the light and everything fell into place. My relationships improved overnight.” Regional Technology Head, German Multinational

“When I started having coaching I was not exactly sure what I was looking for, I just knew that I had the ability to perform better and that I should have had a more positive attitude towards what I was doing. Coaching provided that clarity and as a unit, our plant became invigorated.  It also made me understand that I needed to act in order to further my career. I am still with the same company and I have been promoted to a very senior role.” Country manager, Chemical Plant