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*       Executive/Corporate Coaching

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*      Life Coaching

Executive/Corporate Coaching 

John on corporate coaching: “The most satisfying outcome of corporate coaching is to observe the change that the coachee has committed to becoming a reality. We don’t always know what we want and how to get it. It is coaching that brings clarity to our goals.”

What is Corporate Coaching?

Corporate coaching is a method of unlocking people’s potential that will enable employees to perform at a level higher than normal expectations. The focus is on accelerating the leadership development of strategically valuable employees essential to the Company’s future. Higher people performance results in higher company returns on their people investments which, in turn, enables greater profitability.

Coaching is also a proven retention tool.

Corporate Coaching is:

*      Future-orientated

*      Creating the desire in the coachee to clarify personal/professional goals and to achieve them

*      Finding common ground with the needs of the company

*      Contracting for personal accountability and gaining commitment on a realistic plan

*      Dialogue on a frequent basis over a period of time


Corporate Coaching is NOT:

*      Judgmental

*      Psychological analysis

*      Psychological counseling

*      Mentoring/Role-Modeling

*      Training

*      One session


Why is Corporate Coaching Valuable?

*      Addresses the question of “How should leaders LEAD?”

*      Aligns corporate & individual agendas

*      Creates self-realisation & builds the commitment to change

*      Help prepare a high performer for a promotion/broader responsibilities

*      Nurture talent and demonstrate commitment to learning & development

SME Business Coaching

John on SME Business Coaching: “I have met many people who have started a business, yet lack certain skills to be able to manage their business effectively. Coaching identifies those gaps and creates solutions to close those gaps. Having done this myself I can tell you that there is no substitute for hard work but knowing where to place that effort and where to get help is the key to success.”

What is SME Business Coaching?

SME business coaching is a powerful one-on-one coaching process offered to leaders who have improvement opportunities. This type of coaching is a tripartite relationship between the leader, the coachee and the coach. The coach agrees the goals for coaching with the leader and that is the primary focus for the coaching process. The time frame involved is usually six months with three hours coaching a month.


Why is SME Business Coaching Valuable?

Coaching has proven to create a rapid turnaround in behaviour and in return produce savings that replacement costs entail as well as increasing employee productivity and therefore company profitability. The process is designed specifically to fit the needs of the individual and the company and varies from person to person.


Life Coaching

John on Life Coaching: “A lot is said about work-life balance and the tendency is to think we spend too much time and effort at work at the expense of our personal lives. If this is you, the truth is often that you have not taken the time to really work out what it is you want from life. Once you have the answer to that million dollar question you will not only love your work, so that it isn’t at the expense of anything, but your personal life will begin to feel like time well spent. It is coaching that will enable you to answer that question.”


What is Life Coaching?

Like other coaching, Life Coaching is a series of one-on-one conversations between the Coach and Coachee.  The amount of time spent on coaching is flexible and it depends on the urgency and importance of the situation.

Life Coaching covers all aspects of  life and aims to provide clear goals in the short, medium and long term to enable the Coachee to create a strategic path to achieve these goals.

Why is Life Coaching Valuable?

Once you take coaching outside of the workplace, you discover the inter-connection between what you are doing in personal life and how that affects your career and work satisfaction.

 The aim is to create a new environment in which the Coachee can enjoy and succeed in all aspects of life.